Ordering and Refurbishing Process

What buyers see when purchasing appliances
What buyers do not see when purchasing appliances



Diagnosing Testing






Cleaning and Sanitizing


Listing for Sale








Curbside Pickup

1 Sourcing

Completed using a combination of suppliers for purchasing fixed and broken appliances, along with appliances saved from landfill via our removal service.

2 Diagnosing/Testing

Our certified appliance technicians run tests and complete trusted diagnoses based on decades of experience.

3 Repairing

Parts are repaired and replaced.

4 Re-Diagnosing/Re-Testing

Technicians will test each appliance a second time to ensure that any repairs made are effective, and that each appliance is ready to be safely used. An elaborate checklist is followed to help ensure quality

5 Cleaning and Sanitizing

Our team of cleaners are detail oriented, and thorough. They follow a very elaborate checklist to help ensure quality.

6 Listing for Sale

Staff create an ad clearly showing multiple angles of the appliance, and highlighting notable damage (if any) in the pictures and written description. Buyers want, and are provided, a clear understanding of what they are buying, for peace of mind when ordering online

7 Advertising

We advertise and deliver all over Southern Ontario, with a focus on London and surrounding area.

8 Selling

Our website makes ordering online extremely easy. Support via online chatting, phone calls, and our FAQ page, makes the purchase process even easier. Enjoy saving your money on our guaranteed lowest price, plus our list of 5 great promotions! Our business structure relies on high volume low margin sales.

9 Delivery

We work with two trusted third party delivery companies, with many years experience. We offer fast delivery (within one week) when checking out online. We offer same and next day delivery options via contacting us directly.

10 Curbside Pickup

Conveniently available in Hyde Park London 7 days per week, 8am - 8pm by appointment.

Our History


Inception - Using only a pick up truck, a 6X6 storage unit, and Kijiji, sales began.


We moved into our first warehouse.


Technicians were hired and we began our own refurbishment.


Our first website was created using wordpress, to help us book calls for our new service call division.


We were vetted, and reviewed by the Better Business Bureau, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting marketplace transparency and trust... They set market standards by encouraging best practices within each industry, calling out substandard marketplace behavior and unethical business practices.. -We listed our business on Google, making it easier to contact us, while building trust and transparency within the community via Google reviews. Stopped service call work to focus the business on sales, being able to focus our efforts operating more efficiently.


We were thoroughly and carefully vetted and comprehensively reviewed by PayPal, before our partnership with them began... PayPal is considered one of the safest ways to send and receive money online. All PayPal transactions are protected by advanced data encryption. PayPal also offers buyer and seller protection protocols to prevent fraudulent activities and make the platform safe for all. We were thoroughly and carefully vetted, and comprehensively reviewed and reviewed by Shopify, upon successful review, our partnership with them began. Our website was upgraded and re-designed on the Shopify platform.


We Partnered with Trustpilot, an unbiased third party review platform, to build a stronger reputation within the southwestern Ontario community (mainly London and surrounding area)... We began advertising on Facebook MarketPlace. We expanded to a 13,500 square foot warehouse. We partnered with World Vision Canada to raise money (ongoing) for a water well project.


We began to outsource our deliveries to two trusted and experienced third party delivery companies, in order to streamline the business operations. Returned to our original warehouse, .. sticking to one of our main corporate values of simplicity. Simplicity allowed for cutting overhead costs, combating high interest rates and inflation, meaning undervalue products and services are yours to enjoy.