Price Match Guarantee

If you find a current lower price on an identical, in stock item, from a retailer in Southern Ontario, we will match the price and beat it by 10% (excluding selling below cost).

Free Local Delivery

Free local delivery, or $74.95 off non-local deliveries, applies to orders of over $699.00 pre-tax spent on an appliance or appliances (all other items/accessories/services excluded). Local delivery is within 25km of N6H 5L4. If a discount is automatically applied at checkout, and the item(s) used to pass the $699.00 spend threshold is/are not an appliance(s), the order will be edited or refunded according to our policy.


We offer standard delivery within one week, upgraded next day delivery for an additional $35, and upgraded same day delivery (if ordered by noon) for an additional $75. Same day orders must be called in (not available at checkout).

Limited Warranty

We will repair or replace mechanical and electrical parts up to 60 days after purchase. You can purchase an extended warranty for 1, 2, or 3 years (warranty cost varies based on appliance cost). Misuse/intentional breakage voids the warranty. Seller decides whether the appliance will be repaired or replaced. Once repair/replacement is complete, your remaining warranty coverage period continues, coverage does not re-set. There is no warranty coverage for water and ice makers. There is no warranty coverage if a fridge or freezer is plugged in without waiting a minimum of 12 hours upon arrival where it will be plugged in, as the delivery companies usually tip the fridge at some point when moving it. Most manufacturers recommend waiting 24 hours to plug a fridge or freezer in after transportation, our warranty only requires 12 hours. Transportation costs are not covered by your limited warranty. If replacement option decided, buyer fully responsible for returning item(s) being replaced. We offer our paid services for those wanting or needing or help with returning our product. We stand behind our products, any services paid for on the original order, are not covered under limited warranty, and can be purchased again or completed by the buyer to fulfill the replacement process. Replacements are of equal or less value. However, you may pay extra for a replacement of greater value. Claims stemming from a non-mechanical or non-electrical issue, are subject to a $89.95+HST service call charge, as they do not meet our limited warranty terms and conditions. Repair radius is 25KM, outside of that radius costs $15 for every 10KM our tech(s) have to travel. No refunds, we do not offer refunds in any circumstances. You understand you are buying used refurbished appliances that have been thoroughly checked by appliance technicians, along with being cleaned and sanitized. You agree to hold Undervalue harmless for any product damages (other than mechanical or electrical covered under warranty) since you have seen the photos and read the description of the appliance(s) being purchased. You also agree that should you have any doubts, concerns, or questions about product condition, you have asked for clarification before purchase. Should an exchange/replacement be granted in exceptional circumstances, there is a 15% re-stocking fee, to cover the multitude of costs we incur. We measure the height of an appliance and add a quarter inch to the height to ensure fitment under cabinets when an appliance is received. We will cover replacement transportation costs if a mistake on measurement is made by us. 

Payment and Conditions of Warranty Service Provision

Payment for anything ordered, requested, or invoiced is due by 8PM the day the order is placed. Payments for same day deliveries are due immediately upon order placement. You must confirm with us that payment has cleared by noon (the delivery cut off time for same day deliveries), to receive same day shipping. If payment is late, we may send a follow up email to collect payment, and or your items may be placed back online, for sale to others.

You the customer must familiarize yourself with our terms of warranty service, prior to allowing our technician to start servicing your appliance. It is your responsibility to read and understand our terms of warranty service prior to the start of our technician working on your appliance. Scheduling warranty work with us, or allowing our technician to commence work with you, means that you have accepted our terms and conditions. You, acting for yourself or for the person/s named on a work order or job sheet, agree to pay the following where applicable: i) the warranty call fee if you need to cancel and do not cancel your work order prior to 4 hours of the scheduled appointment ii) Any fees for work performed outside of the agreed limited warranty coverage iii) any necessary collection costs for unpaid bills. Payment is due as soon as the service has been provided, unless other terms have been agreed upon or previous arrangements made. You understand and agree that no further service and or product will be provided to a client with any unpaid balance owing. 

Cancellation/Postponement of Service

When you book a warranty call with us, we reserve that specific time for a technician to visit your location and service or install your appliance. If you forget, cancel, or change your appointment time on short or no notice, we won’t have enough time to schedule another warranty call into your slot, and we incur losses. Therefore, if you have to cancel an appointment, you must do so at least 4 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment, in order to avoid a charge of $89.95+HST. If you want to reschedule a delivery, you must do so prior to the truck being loaded, otherwise your invoiced delivery fee amount applies. If no one is home/available, the delivery fee is charged, and a second delivery fee will apply if re-delivery is requested (otherwise, with your permission, the appliance will be left outside at your property). Deliveries are weather and availability permitting, at the discretion of the seller.

Basic Appliance Hook Up Terms and Conditions

Our standard hookup charge covers removing and/or installing an appliance without having to disturb or remove countertops, cabinetry, flooring or any fixture. This standard charge includes connecting the existing dryer vents (on dryer(s) purchased, connecting existing hot and cold hoses to taps (on washer(s) purchased), and placing drain hose inside drainage tube. You the customer are responsible for ensuring that gas, water, electrical, drainage and venting systems are working, are suitable for installation of the specific appliance and are compliant with building codes and other regulations. We do not verify that any requirements for ventilation, electrical, water supply, and water drainage that are specific to the appliance being installed have been met. If your dryer is stacked on top of your washer, and our delivery team is delivering you a washer, please have the dryer disconnected and set aside, otherwise, the delivery crew may provide this service for $1.50 per minute labour rate.

Also in stackable laundry situations, if when we come for warranty service of an appliance, we are unable to proceed for any reason, or for needing two lifters, you will still be required to pay the cost of the service call which is $89.95+HST, plus additional staff or other charges required to complete the job. If a confined or tight space, or without a stacking kit supplied, stacking appliances will be refused for safety reasons. If the wrong stacking kit supplied or wrong fasteners supplied, stacking will be refused. All labour charges will be due, regardless if stacking successfully completed or not (as the time/labour has still been spent attempting stacking).

Removal of Fixtures and Other Delays

You will be charged according to the service prices listed on our website for necessary door or railing removal, dismantling appliances, unstacking/re-stacking laundry units (if not purchased from us), and for any delays caused by you, that are outside of our control (ex. shoveling/salting, not being home on time causing delivery delay, etc).


It is your responsibility as a customer, to familiarize yourself with our waivers. These waivers apply to all the work we do for you and all appliances provided and sold to you. You assume and accept these waivers and releases once you allow our staff to start installation, hookup, removal, repairs, etc. When you click to agree to our terms and conditions and/or agree to our terms and conditions by proceeding with your order, you are waiving or foregoing any right to pursue Undervalue for damages related to our provision of services or appliances (except for claims covered by a warranty) and releasing us from any claims related to our products/services.

Releases and Waivers

I, for good and valuable consideration of which receipt is hereby acknowledged, specifically release and forever discharge Undervalue its principals, employees, agents and/or assigns from any and all liability which may arise as a result of its installation, removal, delivery, or pick up of appliance(s) in all of the circumstances stated below.

Waiver of Damages When Moving Appliance(s)

I understand that there is a risk in moving, repairing and installing appliances including risk of damage to the appliance itself, and to areas around which it is installed, such as cabinetry and countertops. I understand and agree that Undervalue is not required to move my appliance into the home and that they do so as a courtesy only. In exchange for this courtesy, I promise to hold Undervalue and staff harmless from any and all damage that may occur while moving, removing or working on appliances. When moving or transporting a fridge or freezer (regardless who is moving or transporting it), you understand that it must not be plugged in within 24 hours, as this could cause the system to permanently fail. This is common knowledge not to plug in a fridge or freezer after moving/tipping/ or transporting it, we choose to include it in our terms and conditions for even greater clarity. If plugging a fridge or freezer in within 24 hours of moving or transporting it, you must have written consent, otherwise warranty coverage is void if something should not work on the fridge or freezer.

Waiver of Damages re Damage to Appliance(s) or Home

I understand that no matter how careful the technician and/or delivery crew is, repair, service, or delivery work may result in machinery not performing as intended. Such failures may lead to, discomfort, inconvenience and in commercial contexts, even loss of revenue. Being fully aware of the risks, and hazard potential, I hereby agree to Waive, Release and Discharge any and all claims, demands, actions and/or causes of action against Undervalue Appliances as a result of damage to my home, or the appliance itself during this or any repair/delivery visit.

Waiver of Damages when Picking up a/an Appliance(s)

I promise to hold harmless Undervalue, its principals, agents and employees from any and all liability damage or harms that may result from such an occurrence of accidental damage(s) to your truck or otherwise, an appliance loaded or secured on or in your vehicle, or other, while on the property address of pick up. Not following pickup instructions, especially not protecting and appliance from precipitation, voids the warranty. The following pickup instructions will not only be emailed to you when your order is ready for pick up, but they are mentioned as the following: 

"Read carefully, bring your order receipt when you come to collect your order and call us before coming. Pickup location issued via order ready for pickup email. Curbside pickup is in Hyde Park London. 

Please ensure to bring 2 ratchet straps per appliance purchased, and if your truck is not enclosed, you will need a waterproof tarp (not water resistant), to ensure your warranty is not void due to precipitation. Please ensure the appliance will fit upright in your vehicle, laying down any appliance will void your warranty, as it can potentially cause a number of different issues. Missed pickup date/timeframe may result in your product being placed back online for sale, and a refund issued, so that others have a fair chance to purchase what they need/want.

Please have 1-2 helpers to lift your appliance, if lifting required.

Waiver of Damages When Working with Water

I understand that depending on the appliance being worked on, the building’s plumbing system may be engaged which could lead to leaking and flooding that is not intended, causing significant or even immense damage. Except in situations where it is clearly proven that the technician’s actions were grossly careless, I promise to hold harmless Undervalue, its principals, agents and employees from any and all liability damage or harms that may result from such an occurrence.  By allowing the technician to begin work, I explicitly waive the right to claim against Undervalue for any damage caused by water. 

Waiver of Damages from Failed Cooling

A fridge or freezer should not be plugged in for 24 hours after receiving it. The delivery company may mention during delivery not to plug your fridge or freezer in for 24 hours. Most homeowners know not to plug a fridge or freezer in for 24 hours after receiving it. If all else fails, we mention here in our terms and conditions that you agree to, that a fridge or freezer should not be plugged in for 24 hours after receiving it due to the fridge or freezer potentially being tipped when moving, delivering, or transporting it, which can cause sealed system issues and catastrophic failure of the compressor.

I understand that, refrigeration and cooling machinery can fail without warning and that there are risks involved with servicing or repairing them. Diagnosing problems is not always straightforward and no matter how carefully repairs and services are performed on this equipment, they may not function as intended. I understand that such failures may lead to, discomfort, food loss, inconvenience, and in commercial contexts, even loss of revenue. Being fully aware of the risks, conditions and/or hazard potential, I understand that Undervalue is not responsible for any such risks.  I agree all such risks are my own (and/or my company’s) alone, and I agree to hold harmless and exempt from liability Undervalue, it’s agents and employees from any and all such harms. By allowing the technician to commence work, I explicitly waive the right to any contrary claim.

Waiver of Damages from Lifting Glass Cook Top

I understand that if I have a glass or ceramic cooktop surface that needs to be moved to access components beneath the cooktop, there is a risk that the cooktop may be broken or damaged because the top is attached with a strong adhesive and no matter how carefully the technician works, there may still be damage to the cooktop. I agree to hold Undervalue Appliances, it’s agents and employees harmless from any and all such responsibility and liability.  By allowing the technician to commence work, I explicitly waive the right to any contrary claim.

These Releases and Waivers are intended to be governed by the laws of Ontario, Canada and if any portion of them are held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall, continue in full legal force and effect.

I am of sound mind, and do not have any impairments or disabilities that may affect my ability to make decisions. I have read, understand and voluntarily clicked agree to this release and waiver and further state that no oral representations, statements or inducements apart from the foregoing written agreement have been made to me by Undervalue My click to agree constitutes my acceptance and understanding of the terms, conditions and information above.